JOY Choir

JOY Choir is named to bring people the JOY of the Lord.  However, I have found in these last few years that this choir of Kindergarten-2nd graders brings ME the JOY of the Lord, as well, every single week!  The JOY of the Lord is our strength and I teach that to all my children.

This Sunday, we will sing at Avante Nursing Home with Chorister’s Choir.  We will sing some of the songs we have been singing through-out the year.  Sometimes, it is hard to be in the environment where people may not be able to communicate, move, or look happy.  So, we think on “The JOY of the Lord”; bringing that JOY to people in their hearts.  Look to the inside, not the outside.

JOY Choir will sing one song of their own:  “Joy is like the Rain”  I wrote a little glockenspiel part.  Here we are practicing:





What a blessing to be working with Lenora, who directs Chorister’s Choir!  It is so enjoyable to have a true friend to collaborate ideas with and cheer each other onward!  She has been a vital part to me in writing and recording children’s scripture songs!

Lord, bless all my readers!  Have a JOYful day!




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