JOY Choir in March


Today JOY Choir sang in both services.  I am truly blessed to be working with these kids.  I had many comments of the JOY they brought to our congregation and I add, to myself, as well.

We sang “Oh, How I Love Jesus”.  Many people were very happy to hear them sing an old favorite of their childhoods, but I have to confess, not of mine.  My dear friend, Lila Mae, taught me this song a year or two ago, along with her stories of singing with her children.  I was happy to learn it.  I had it tucked away in my mind to use with JOY Choir sometime, and the time finally came; God’s timing, I believe.

Oh, How I Love Jesus!!  Because, He first Loved me.  Good to know.  He Loves me.  He Loves you.  He Loves us all.  Read John.  Believe in Him today.  Tell Him you Love Him and believe in Him.  Seek the One and Only.  We sing because we’re happy!






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