He will take you back. All the way.

This fall I have had the privilege of teaching 7th & 8th Grade Girls Sunday School Class. The weeks went by quickly and I find myself missing them. Who knew I could have so much to tell them! Actually, I prayed much for the Holy Spirit to do the talking.

Today, I’m realizing how difficult it can be to keep our minds following God’s Spirit, even though we love Him, praise Him, trust Him, follow Him, seek Him, we slip away from Him into the abyss of life and our thoughts are distracted from Him.

Then, realization! I said, one day, “Come back to me, Lord.” And He clearly said, “Karla, I’m right here with you, as always. YOU come back to ME.”

But that darn devil can sure start whispering. “See?! You can’t stay with God….you don’t really love Him all that much, or you wouldn’t slip….look at what you’ve done/haven’t done….”

So I had to smack Him down. “Get behind me Satan. Your thoughts are NOT God’s thoughts. SHUT IT!”

Then, I had to speak God’s Word of truth: “I am a child of God. God loves me. God understands me. God forgives me. God is my helper.” I’m back!

All this made me think of my girls. How they were fairing. How their days are going. Are they saying, “Good morning, Lord. I love you.”? Are they, too, slipping into the abyss of life? Are they remembering to smack those devils off their shoulders and talk out loud to Him like Jesus did? Are they writing in their journals and reading past entries for their own encouragement?

I don’t know. But God knows. What I can do is pray. Write. And press on. Keep encouraging them and anyone else who needs to remember and get back to binding up with the mind of Christ.

Confession. Forgiveness. NOT condemnation. NOT guilt. Just the JOY of the Lord. Strengthening my soul. Filling me up. Strengthening YOUR soul. Filling YOU up. If you want. I definitely want.


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