Now Buy Online!

You may now purchase “Praise Unto The Lord” online! This is the address:

Even though this whole project is technically through Amazon, I found out that by going through create space instead of the usual Amazon address that I will receive a royalty of $3.45 instead of 55 cents!

Thank you for supporting me! I’m working on the MP3 now.

If you live nearby, you can send me a message on facebook and I will bring it to you!

Blessings and ((HUGS)) from me!



The wait is over and the CDs are here!  God is SO very faithful to me, answering the prayer of acknowledging His power to get them here according to His will.  And here they are!  I never doubted they would come before the 14th.

You can email or message me on fb, or go to Weaver’s Flooring.  More options to come 🙂

The words of my own songs of scripture encourage me:  Cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you….Trust in the Lord with all your heart…and lean not to your own…For I AM your God…I will help you…

Sometimes, I uplift myself with Maria’s “Confidence”.  And I have changed it from:  “I have confidence in confidence alone, besides which you see I have confidence in me” to “I have confidence in confidence of God, because I can see He has confidence in me”

I hope you all will get one  and I hope these songs build you up spiritually.

While I am waiting…

Well, the CD was ordered, the release/signing reserved at Blessings Bookstore…the CD production backlogged, release/signing cancelled…communique CD shipped…God’s hand is in this project everywhere I look and so….

While I’m waiting….

We are directing final touches, rehearsals and sharing our Christmas Program:  “A Christmas Carol”.  Chorister’s Choir, JOY Choir, and other children from Sunday School classes are all participating in drama and song to share the good news of Jesus’ LOVE, KINDNESS, and SERVING OTHERS.

This past Wednesday, we shared at Patchwork Pantry:  Image

This song is a doo-wop entitled, “You gotta have HOPE”  The HOPE that comes from scripture that gives us the message of salvation for tomorrow, for today and for our yesterdays.

The next appearance is on December 15, 5 pm, Harrisonburg Mennonite Church.  If you are in the area, come!  You will receive a blessing through these, God’s children!

Now We Wait…

Just when I’m about to post the release/CD signing event, I find out that it isn’t going to arrive anytime soon due to production-overload.

Yes, I’m disappointed, but timing is everything.  God know all about the right timing.  I do not.  Apparently, I’m on a need to know basis and I don’t need to know right now.

So.  Now we wait.

Soon and very soon…

…to borrow a phrase…”Praise Unto The Lord  Children Sing Scripture” will be published and available!  These songs were composed to memorize scripture, Praise The Lord with singing and well, just have fun!  Plus, “Pumpkin” is actually a song from a children’s book that I have written.  Even though I have written these songs for children, there are many that adults enjoy as well.

So.  Be on the watch!